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Nesta página, reúno, além de referências ao meu trabalho, alguns comentários sobre mim escritos em diversas situações:

- Comentário do Professor António Dias de Figueiredo, Universidade de Coimbra ( a um post do meu blogue “Um percurso”: “Muito obrigado pelo seu relato, tão enriquecido pelo seu sentir pessoal.

– Este post meu e este comentário provocaram um texto de Cristina Costa (Universidade de Salford, Inglaterra):

For those who can’t read Portuguese, Teresa is a teacher, but she is not just an ordinary teacher (I often ask myself if there are/should there be ‘ordinary’ teachers…). In my opinion … in my ideal world… all teachers should be… are extraordinary souls whose main goal is to encourage others to learn not only about the world around them, but also about the world within themselves.
And talking about extraordinary educators…Teresa is one of them! Over the years I have followed Teresa’s endeavours in constantly (re)creating new learning situations in which she eagerly involves her students. She takes them into reading adventure, engages them in webquest and many other activities which allow them to discover their own language and literature from a totally different perspective: theirs! Teresa is never short of creativity. Experimenting new strategies to innovate in and beyond the classroom is her practice motto. Sharing it with others has now been taken to a new level as she organises training sessions in her own school (for her colleagues) and also in her country in an attempt to pass on not only the experiences, but also the enthusiasm that marks the teaching, and also the learning, of this EXTRAordinary educator.  It is in her enthusiasm and her commitment to create contextual  learning and engaging experiences that she constantly (re)discovers creativity and innovates in the ‘simple‘ attempt of making a difference (in others’ learning world).

In several conversations we have had, Teresa has always referred to her practice and her role more as a teacher and a teacher trainer, rather than a researcher. She claims she is not ‘gifted’ to the theoretical stuff‘, but what she still hasn’t probably realized is that she is both a researcher and a research subject of her own practice, as she constantly reflects and re-evaluates her practices, thus finding ways of improving and/or building on those same  practices, whilst openly sharing them with relevant networks and communities she participates in.

IMHO, Teresa you are the idea 21st century scholar: someone who identifies a ‘problem’, reflects about it, engages directly with it, brings their networks in for support, feedback and collaboration, and openly disseminates the practice processes, findings and reflections  in an attempt to inform practice and generate new ‘action-research’.

José Paulo Santos, Consultor Educativo da Promethean comentou:

I really want to undeline all the words you said about Teresa Pombo. She has all the qualities that a 21st century teacher should possess. The action research is a process that should be put in place by all teachers nowadays. Teresa does it very well, in the way to help others to do more and better.
Most of the academics take to much time to show the results. Teresa does it very fast and efficiently. She inspires other teachers. She is an innovative leader, always inventing, creating new ways of teaching and learning.
So, Cristina, I tottaly agree with you in this statement: “I’d definitely agree that you are the result of the three, and it is exactly the combination of the three fields that make you excel as an educator, whose research/learning/teaching practice has impacted on so many learners…”.

In my point of view, this will be the best way to improve Education quality. Teresa is the example of it!

– um objecto de aprendizagem construído por mim, deu origem a um artigo na Promethean Planet, aqui.

– artigo em, em que sou referida; aqui.

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